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Sol Y Luna

"For both of us, before our pre-teen years, the Guitar was our first love and continues to be a loyal and intimate friend.  The disciplined training that came afterwards helped us to harness this feeling into its current form, which is transmitted through our playing.  We weave the sounds of the guitar strings with care and attention, in light of our love for the instrument.

As we do our craft together, we bring into this world the spirit of the piece we work with, working to perfect it. In the process, we discover our own duo blend flavor in all its uniqueness and beauty, which guides us in the direction of perfecting our own style.  It is such a gift for us to be able to play for an audience, because the listener creates the medium by which we can work in this way."

Since its conception, Sol y Luna Guitar Duo has received only praise for their musicianship, talent, repertoire and ensemble. Putting their energies together, exclusively as a duo for over 5 years, Tito and Petra create a blend that gives the listener today an unforgettable and exquisite musical experience.

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